Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter and thoughts

Okay, we (the children and I) actually celebrated Easter a week early. Hopefully, this week I'll get a few minutes to post a slideshow of some sort. A great time was had by all. So last weekend (Easter weekend) events happened that caused me to give extra thought and prayer on life, the true meaning of Easter, and our Savior Jesus Christ. First of all, someone sent me this video of Christ - The Bread of Life. A simple message that I recommend for all to see. A week ago Friday my cousin, Connie found out that her 5 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. No warning signs at all only flu like symptoms for a couple of days prior. Within 30 hours of finding this out, Matthew passed away. So quickly, so suddenly, such a sad loss. I had a chance to visit with Connie and her family last Sunday. It really forces you to rely on your testimony, faith, and beliefs to understand how such a tragic loss could occur. My sister, Krat Krat commented on her blog that she spent the day with her children with a thankful heart for the opportunity to have them in her life. My cousin, Lindsay, had some comforting words about cherishing her children. She also gave a nice obituary for Matthew.

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