Sunday, October 21, 2007

From the Gridiron to the Court of Honor

Yes, life at the Davis home (as well as most other homes with lots of kids) things are always crazy. After playing in his final football game of the season (by the way it was butt cold and rainy) we hurried over to the church for Jake's Court of Honor. No time to change, just show up in your football gear. Good job, Jake. He was awarded his Star along with a bunch of merit badges that he earned this summer. He's still trying to beat his older brother in getting his Eagle. He's on his way. He should get his Life in a few more months and could get his Eagle this summer. You better hurry up, JJ!

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suzi said...

Good job Jake!!! I know how difficult all of those merit badges are since I too am the proud owner of a "Scout" named Patrick.