Friday, May 25, 2007

Ulysses S ?????

Okay, so I don’t know his middle initial or his last name for that matter. But I did meet a nice man tonight named Ulysses. You see he is the owner of La Casona here in Ascension. I had dinner here (and quite tasty I may add). Ulysses is a native from here but after going to school he worked for 10+ years as an accountant in Los Angeles. Quite successful I hear. But he missed “home” and so he gave up the glamour or Hollywood to come back here. He first started a Laundromat but that didn’t quite take. You see, the people here, if/when they decide to actually wash their ropa, do it at home and hang their clothes out to dry. Not so much the “hey let’s go wash our clothes and meet people at the Laundromat” type. So then he decided to get into the restaurant business. He now owns 2 restaurants (but that hasn’t been verified). Dinner was quite good. I had a steak, with beans, corn, potatoes, salsa, fresh tortillas, and a very tasty lemonade to drink. After dinner we sought out a very tasty ice cream shop. I had a sundae with strawberry and mango ice cream. Pretty amazing to think that one would give up living in LA to come back here to live amongst family and friends. That’s life!

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Kevin said...

welcome back!