Monday, March 12, 2007

The Navigator

Okay, so Friday night I had to drive from Orlando to Miami. Just a short 3 hour drive down the Florida Turnpike. I was on 528 just leaving the airport and I was soon coming up on I-4 when my good friend Clark called. He was still at work and so I asked him to get on Google maps and help me find the Turnpike. I was heading quickly to Tampa and I didn't want the "scenic" route. I missed exit after exit that would have gotten me back on the right path. Actually, it really wasn't that big of a deal. I really didn't have to be anywhere at anytime. I finally was "navigated" off I-4 and started me exciting tour through "the sticks of Florida". I went through Lake Alfred, Haines City, Lake Hamilton, Dundee on to the happening town of Lake Wales. There I stopped at a convenience store for some snacks. From there I finally got on state road 60 which would lead me to Yeehaw Junction (FINALLY the Florida Turnpike). Basically, a 2 hour detour. Fun fun fun. I still had at least 2 more hours paying money as I went south. I am NOT a big fan of toll roads. You? Doesn't make sense. Once I got close to Miami I knew I needed to get to I-95 but I just kept on going until I was arriving at the Miami airport. Too far. Dang! I got off the freeway, drove on the main streets and quickly got to Biscayne Blvd. From there it was another 15-20 minutes up to Aventura and finally my hotel. What a night. I got a quick bite to eat before retiring around 2 in the morning. What an adventure.

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Sean Ryan said...

I'm telling you right now the Garmin they rent to you for $10 a day is worth every dime. I have one at home, and rent them on the road. Love them. Never ever ever lost. Except when I drove to Nauvoo. Didn't rent one, got lost. Perfect.