Friday, March 09, 2007

Black Hole

What sic puppy blogs at 2:00 in the morning? I've been meaning to write up a post for a couple of days ago. Last Sunday night I flew into MCO. I had my sunglasses with me. Then I didn't. The next morning I realized that I didn't have them. I called the front desk - no luck. I checked with the driver/van that I rode in the night before - no luck. I called the Orlando airport. They basically laughed at me. They told me to check back later that day. I also talked to the Delta baggage claim office. According to the guy that I talked to, Delta alone collects over 2000 items each month. They keep things for about 2 weeks and then everything is boxed up and sent "somewhere". I've heard that outside of Atlanta there is a place where at least some of Delta's lost and unclaimed stuff is sent. I tried to Google such a place but came up empty handed. Last Fall I lost my car keys on a trip to Europe. The SLC baggage department told me that thousands of items or lost and never reclaimed and each month they are boxed up and "destroyed" according to the guy I talked to. I'm sure that it is a MAJOR pain in the butt, however, it seems like there could be a something put in place to make a better effort. In searching for this "place" in Atlanta I read that it costs Delta over $150 for each lost piece of luggage that is found and returned to the rightful owner. Anyhow, as I said to begin with, if you happen to lose ANYTHING at an airport or on a plane, it is forever lost. Black Hole, baby!


Kevin said...

You are exactly right.
That's how I lost my sanity.

Norm said...

My kids left a CD case full of movies, music CDs, and computer games on a plane once. And didn't bother to tell me about it until two weeks later. By then they had shipped it off to the mysterious place in Atlanta that you mentioned. Someone told me that they sell unclaimed stuff at a store in Atlanta.

Norm said...

A few years ago my kids left a CD case on an airplane. It contained movies, music cd's, and computer games. I.e., LOTS of money. And of course, they didn't bother to tell me until two weeks later. I called Delta and they said that they had already shipped it of to the unclaimed items warehouse in Atlanta. I read an article once that said they have store in Atlanta where they sell that stuff. Kind of like a pawn shop.