Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Getting inspired

Well, it should be obvious that since my postings have been sparse, that my travel has been also. I finally started traveling last week. I didn't write anything because it wasn't really a trip worth writing about. Last night, however, I spent a good hour reading Paul Allen's blog. It was interesting and very useful to me. It simply reenforces the idea that there is more information out then you can ever possibly read and learn. This guy, however, seems to post almost daily to his blog.

At any rate, here is a quick recap of my trip last week. I went to Reno to work with a long-time client. He just built a brand new home and I stayed there instead of the lame hotels. The Carlson's were wonderful hosts. I did go running each morning in the cool morning air and also had lunch at In-n-Out one day. The cool thing I saw was David Jr's new Mac (with 11 internal fans) hooked to his 30 inch plasma monitor. Very nice.

I had to hurry home to make the annual Scout campout to Goblin Valley. Pictures to follow.

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