Sunday, November 23, 2008

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Yesterday my sister mentioned that she had read that this was a real thing. You know, your phone vibrates in your pocket, or at least you think that it is ringing. You pull it out and nothing. Now this doesn't happen all the time but probably once or twice a day I would think. Anyhow, sitting here tonight I thought I would google it up.

USA Today did an article on it last year. One guy in the article says "It's some psychological expression of my need to always be connected." Huh?

I liked this article from Columbia University a few years back. There are lots of theories. One person said, "I think the phantom ring can all be tied into your love life or the lack thereof."

Too funny.


Too real???

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Diana and Fam said...

Hey now! Why can't it just be a cross of the networks, you know your phone ringing on the calls way to someone else's phone? Too far fetched? Probably....It happens to me way too much!