Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Manwarings

Well, it's time to pay a small tribute to a great family. I first met Colby when he and I worked at BYU for the EMRL. I remember when he sat next to me at our graduation ceremony. After I left BYU to come to EMS-I he came shortly thereafter to oversee all of our sales and marketing needs. We have had lots of fun times together. We had a number of "lake day" trips riding waverunners and water skiing. We didn't go on too many trips together but obviously our trip to India was the most memorable. I blogged about that a couple of years ago here. Colby and Laura lived close to us in Cedar Hills so we would see them outside of the work arena as well. I remember how scary it was when we found out when they got in an accident coming home from an Idaho trip one winter. That is when we all found out that Laura was pregnant with the twins. Colby and I did get the chance to ski together (he's much better than I am). I always teased him because he was from Idaho. On Colby's first trip to India, he got really sick and ended up spending more than a week in a hospital in Paris. We teased him for a long time about his "vacation" in Paris. More recently, Laura has been a great help and lots of great advice and council. She was the one that made me write down my three contacts. Well, I'm sure that I could go on and on about the memories that we've shared but the sad thing is that Colby has accepted a new job up in Portland. Last week I had dinner with his family and Friday was his last day. I'll certainly miss the Manwarings!

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Sean Ryan said...

Portland! Does he know that if he works in Portland he's going to have to live in the Portland area as well. Not good. Unless you like lots of depressed pasty white white no sunshine people. Not to mention Portland is in Oregon! People from Oregon make California look conservative. Good gravy has he lost his mind. I had some friends do the same thing about two months ago.