Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

Okay, we finally were able to get our Christmas Cards turned Happy New Year cards out to family and friends. I'm including it here:

Happy New Year 2007!
Here’s the scoop from A to Z:
Antipholus of Ephesus – JJ was the lead role in Comedy of Errors
Build-a-bear – Olivia’s favorite store at the Gateway
Caribbean cruise – Jeff and Marcella loved the islands
Deacon – Jake received the Priesthood
Emergency Room – Just 21 stitches to sew up Jake’s leg
Fingers – JJ tried to cut his off and Jake broke his
Girls, girls, girls – JJ is all about them (esp. Robin)
Help! We are surrounded by teenagers! Well, almost JJ is 14, Jake is 12 and Olivia is 5 going on 16.
Idaho – family time in Sandpoint again this summer
Jordanelle Triathlon – Jeff’s first (and not last) tri.
Kindergarten – Olivia LOVES Ms. Aiken.
Lone Peak Knights – Jake’s perfect 10-0 football season
Melrose Avenue – Shopping heaven for Marcella
Neurologist – We (M) went through a few of them this year
Outlaws – Jake’s 2nd hockey season at the Olympic Oval
Paris – WOW! If Marcella ever goes missing…
Quiet time – Dwell, Metropolitan Home, Self, W, In Style, HGTV - Do NOT disturb M after 10:30 p.m.
Renaissance Academy – Jake and Olivia’s new charter school
Shakespeare Team – JJ traveled to Cedar City to compete
Timberline Drive – the Davis’ new address in 2007? Time will tell – stay tuned…
ULCER – Jeff’s first century (bike) ride around Utah Lake - Yes, that’s 100 miles…
Vegas – We were in Vegas listening to the victory of BYU over Utah 33-31
Where in the world is Jeff this week?
XM Radio – Love it in the new black TL
Year of the 40 year olds (YIKES)
Z00 – Welcome to the Davis home.

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and that each of you know how much we value you in our lives. We wish you and yours Peace, Joy and Love! May 2007 be kind to us all!
Jeff, Marcella, JJ, Jake and Olivia

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