Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ryan and Richmond

This week I’ve been in Richmond, Virginia, I was here about 5 years ago. This time I was here to work with the Department of Environmental Quality. I stayed right downtown and walked to/from their office. Luckily, the manager of the group was kind enough to take me to dinner a couple of the nights. One of the crappy things about being on the road is having dinner by yourself. Anyhow, the mid-term elections were this week and the state of Virginia was one of the pivotal states in the control of Congress. Last week before I left, I voted down at the County offices in Provo. I had very little free time but did manage to get on the bike each morning and night to exercise. Last night, I drove up to Alexandria to watch the BYU game at Ryan’s house. About a year or so ago he bought a condo and this was the first time to see his new house. Shortly after he moved in Marcella flew out for a weekend to do the decorating. She did a great job. The game was quite entertaining as the Cougars gave a serious beating to the Cowboys of Wyoming (55-7). Driving back was a challenge but I made it safely. Now, home for a couple of days before heading to Long Beach.

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