Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A long time friend of mine, Andrzej sent me this e-mail this morning. He currently lives just outside of Perth, Australia. I wanted to post and remember it.

"I have a dear friend, who is becoming a consecrated catholic nun, her and a couple of other girls are living in a house, a catholic community, working part time and studying theology, personalism, family counselling, spirituality etc. Apparently they have neighbours who are Mormons, also living in a kind of community, and they spend much time together listening to each other. From what she said there is such a massive amount of respect from them the Mormons towards the catholic community, and in Clares exact words refering to the mormons " they are such beautiful spiritual people that I just listen to them and try learn from them". It made me think that in this world of divisions due to religion, with religion now being indistinguishable from terrorism and warmongering, its good to see an example of people who regard love of God and love of neighbour more important than anything else, and with their own individual form of spirituality, one a mormon another a catholic, each know what it is, that is more important."

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