Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So what's this Internet thingamagig anyhow?

Do you know what really bites? Trying to recreate a blog post that you accidentally wasted. Oh well, here's my attempt.

I'm sitting here after setting up my new high speed access last night and I'm loving it. My speed is about 3 times what I have at work. It is very nice. So I'm poking around the web tonight and I ran across an interesting article. You can do just about ANYTHING on the internet these days. Remember guy from a few years ago? Well, here is the new hunting fad?

So my wife and I were discussing the possibility of this car that can fly prototype that they showed tonight on the news. I can easily see that happening in the future. My wife was a bit skeptical. Not so much that the technology would come about but how in the world would we be able to police such a society.

I think it would be cool! I hope I'm around to see it. Take that one, Segway!

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