Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sitting in Stillwater

Well, one of the reasons I have this blog is to write a few notes and thoughts on my travels. Last week I was able to spend an enjoyable week in Southern Utah and San Diego. Our family traveled with our neighbors, the Drapers and we went everywhere with our Talkabouts.

This week I traveled to Stillwater, Minnesota. First time to Stillwater, second time to Minnesota. Very nice town. I became good friends with my gracious client and host, George.
For those who know me understand that eating good food is up there on my list of favorite things. I was certainly not disappointed here in Stillwater. You will not find a single chain-type restaurant here (although I did learn that there is a Wendy's at the edge of town). Every breakfast, lunch, and dinner was a complete treat. The town has that real small-town feel and it seems like everyone knows everyone. I think George enjoyed going to his favorite eating places, introducing me to the chef and eating with someone that enjoys food as much as he does.

If you ever get the chance to go to Stillwater, don't miss these places:

Byerley's - Great wild rice soup and Rueben sandwhiches
Marx - Fruit-del-mar (seafood pasta)
Dock's cafe - grilled Walleye (a local favorite)
River Oasis - any special of the day (I met the owner/chef of Marx there eating lunch)
Phil's Tara Hideaway - cozy, loud, delicious Greek restaurant (did I mention that George is Greek?)

Last but not least is my personal favorite - Nelson's ice cream shop! Soooo much ice cream for a couple of bucks.

Tomorrow I'm heading home for a couple of days before Chile

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Kevin said...

To think I was 'that close' to being in Minn. I could have met you at Max's for dinner.