Friday, July 23, 2004

My first geocache!

I started yet another hobby.  Last week I hid my first geocache at the Scout camp and registered it on  My cache was accepted so now I sit back and see if anyone finds it.  The name of my cache is "Aspen Ridge" and the ID is WGS84.  Give the site a whirl
and see what I wrote.


Kevin said...

So, now you are an outdoor geek as well? Nice. I won't be finding your cache anytime soon. Why would I want to hike to 7900 feet in Idaho to get some old wipes and a log? ;)

Mike said...

Congrats on the cache!

Last year, while fishing in the Sierra's, myself and iPaulo left a plastic Sheriff's badge with the name of my home town on it; Azusa. We requested that it be taken on a tour of the US by visiting caches in cities from A to Z in the USA (Clever huh?). Anyhow, it's progress is here:

Currently looking for an 'H' city!